Laminate Flooring:

Commercially Tested,
Mother Approved,


But Not all Laminates are Created Equal

Many steps go into making true quality laminate floors. Core board, image film, balancing board and finish all play an integral part in the construction of your laminate flooring.

With lower quality laminates, you are one water accident away from having to replace your floors. Other known quality issues with less quality laminate flooring are denting, scratching, scuffing, edge chips, and joint failure.

Why should I Care?

Good Question! Maybe you shouldn’t.

Every laminate flooring installation requires different needs. Say you have an investment property and you require new flooring. You want something modern, attractive and durable. A basic grade laminate floors may fill your needs best. Inexpensive, attractive, not too costly to replace, and hundreds of attractive styles to choose from.

On the other hand, if you own your home, you plan to live there for sometime, a higher quality laminate flooring is your best bet. Today, we offer commercially tested quality laminate floors for residential use. These laminate flooring products carry lifetime warranties, repel water, and quality built to last.
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Durability & Life Expectancy

A quality laminate product is one of best flooring options in terms of durability. A quality product should last 20+ years. Its good performance is due to good inner core stability and a tough wear layer. The aluminum oxide in laminate’s top coat is unsurpassed for wear and stain resistance. Even though laminate stands up well to wear and tear, keep in mind that if it does scratch, it can’t be resurfaced like hardwood can. Scratches can be concealed using special pencils made by the manufacturer. Chips, gouges and deep scratches can be concealed using filler sticks. If an area of the floor does become damaged, replacement can be a tricky job that’s best left to an installation professional.

Typical Warranties

Laminate flooring carries different warranties that cover specific performance features. A quality product should offer the following warranty protection:

  • Wear, fading and staining: 25 years, 30 years, 40 years, lifetime.
  • Moisture resistance from normal household cleaners and liquid spills: 25 years, 30 years, 40 years, lifetime.
  • Will not unlock at seams: 25 years,30 years, 40 years, lifetime.

Care & Maintenance

Easy-living laminate needs minimal care and never needs waxing. When necessary, mop using a cleaner recommended by the manufacturer. Exposure to water can damage laminate flooring. So if you choose to clean with water, make sure to use a damp mop.

  • Sand and grit are the main culprits in damaging the finish of a laminate floor. Practice preventative maintenance by removing dirt regularly with a vacuum that has a wand attachment or dust mopping. Do not use brooms – they can drag the grit across the floor, creating scratches.
  • Chair and table leg protectors will help extend the life of your floor.
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